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Hello Dear Baker, 

We are seeking partnerships in your industry and value your opinion and expertise.  
Please find a short survey to help us understand your craftsmanship and operational needs.
Thanks in advance for your feedback!  has developed a full bakery industry application that includes materials, recipe management, and production process controls. We have many installations across Europe and are currently establishing new partnerships in North America.

We look forward to working with you!

Sahiba Chadha
Production Specialist at

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* 1. Please, check your prioritized production lines:

Question Title

* 2. How many different products do you have for each production line?

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* 3. Do you switch between recipes or technologies for the product depending on season / raw material quality / any other conditions?

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* 4. Do you have storage location(s) for products and/or raw materials onsite?

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* 5. My workers, quantity

  0 1-5 5-10 10-15 15+
Production manual work
Operators (machines or system)
Quality control
Warehouse management 
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