Welcome to the 2022 Community engagement and communications survey

WMRR is seeking a breakthrough in community education so that a long-lasting generational change will occur where as a community, avoidance, repair, refurbish, and reuse will be front and centre of our minds when we make a purchase, understanding and remembering that end-of-life materials are created by our consumption of our products, and that we need to take ownership of these materials.
Do you have a communication and engagement strategy that will cause the penny to drop about consumption?
Have you heard of, or developed successful tools and models that have seen your community ramp up avoidance, reuse and/or repair?
We’d like to hear from you and have developed this survey to gather your thoughts, ideas, and insights to inform WMRR’s future advocacy work and webinar series. Let’s take the hierarchy back to the centre of conversations, not just within industry, but importantly, in the communities that we service.