Thinking of your last appointment at the surgery in Nairn or Ardersier

Nairn PPG is an independent organisation whose aims are to work with Nairn Healthcare Group to enable the improvement of GP services to people in the area. During the course of the last year we have heard many stories of problems getting to the surgery, to the hospital and even to and from Nairn town itself, so decided to find out more and see if we could help find a solution. We're keen to learn a little about your experience of making appointments and getting to and from the surgery.

We also have a questionnaire about more general issues to do with getting about the area. We hope you'll find a couple of minutes to complete that. You can find this via our website or directly on

* 1. Which part of the Nairn Healthcare Catchment Group area do you live in?

* 2. How did you book your most recent appointment? Tick ONE box

* 3. Where was your appointment? Tick ONE box

* 4. If your appointment was not at your nearest surgery, were you given an explanation as to why?

* 5. What time of day was your appointment?

* 6. What choice did you have about the appointment? Tick ONE box on each line.

  None I was offered an alternative I was offered an alternative when I asked

* 7. How did you get to your appointment this time? Tick ONE box

* 8. How did you get home later? Tick ONE box

* 9. Was it straightforward getting/arranging to get home?

* 10. Finally, please tell us from the following, what age group you belong to. Just tick one.

Thanks. Please don't forget we have another questionnaire available with 8 questions about getting around generally. We hope you'll take a moment to complete that too. You can access it at