We need your reaction to our first bits of planning!

* 1. Do you want to meet for Saturday (May 21) breakfast?

* 2. Do you have physical limitations that we need to plan for at cemeteries and other outdoor venues?

* 3. Are you interested learning about cemetery preservation and tombstone cleaning best practices?

* 4. Do you want to visit cemeteries this trip?

* 5. Are you interested in visiting historical societies?

* 6. Do you like the idea of the planned potluck lunch at the Grange in Harpswell? Will you attend?

* 7. Are you comfortable with deciding on after Sat. lunch discussions etc once you get there or do you want something more detailed or a set program ahead of time?

* 8. Do you want a planned dinner at a restaurant Saturday night? We have to make reservations ahead of time so inquiring minds need to know now. We also need to know if we just shouldn't talk about this with the group. Choose as many options as you want.

* 9. Do you want to tour Harpswell on Sunday?

* 10. Do you have a laptop or tablet that is able to connect to the internet without wifi anywhere and can bring it Saturday?