Restaurant Rating Systems Questionnaire


The purpose of this survey is to understand if people nowadays still use restaurant rating systems to assist them with their dining decisions. We greatly appreciate if you can spend approximately 5 minutes to complete this survey. Your individual response will be kept confidential to Ryerson University’s Research and Data Analysis course. When research results are reported, all responses will be aggregated and summarized. Your participation is completely voluntary; you may skip any questions you don’t wish to answer or discontinue completing the survey at anytime.

* 1. On average, how many times do you dine out per week?

* 2. What is the average budget per person for a meal when dining out? (Please Check One)

  $10 and under $11 - $20 $21-30 $31-40 $40 or more

* 3. How often do you use a restaurant review system to make your restaurant decision before you visit the establishment?