* 1. Do you visit/use the City of Glens Falls Park System?

* 2. If yes, what Park or Recreation facilities do you use and how often (check all that apply)

  Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly Never
City Park
Crandall Park/Coles Woods
East Field Playground
Haviland's Cove
May Street
Montcalm Street
Murray Street
Sagamore Street

* 3. What is your favorite Park in the City?

* 4. What is your least favorite Park in the City?

* 5. Name three items you would like to see improved/changed within the City's Park System.

* 6. Do you reside in the City of Glens Falls?

* 7. Specify the reasons you visit your favorite city park.

* 8. Do you or your children use the play equipment?

* 9. Please rate the condition of the play equipment.

* 10. Is there enough space in the park for your activities?

* 11. How clean is this Park?

* 12. Do you use the restrooms in this Park?

* 13. Please rate the restrooms in this Park.

* 14. Have the drinking fountains worked in the spring and summer?

* 15. Do you feel safe in this park?

* 16. Is Park Staff on site when you are there?

* 17. How friendly was the staff?

* 18. What are your priorities for this park? (check all that apply)

* 19. Of the priorities checked above, which one is your top priority?

* 20. What is your overall opinion of City Playgrounds?