Current 2016 PCPPA Member Blog & Social Media Feature

This form is for CURRENT 2016 PCPPA Members only.

If you would like to have yourself or your business featured on our PCPPA blog and Social Media, please fill out the questionnaire below. There are a total of 39 feature slots to be filled. Every member has equal opportunity to be featured once a year.

The deadline for submissions for 2016 features is Saturday April 30th, 2016. All unclaimed feature spots will go to a second round to the PCPPA Membership to feature current work and recent sessions.

Please note: Once you have filled out the form below, you will receive an email confirmation of the actual blog post preview and a request for watermarked images to use for your feature with in 7 days from the time you submitted. It is my goal to provide your business with as many link back opportunities as possible to help your SEO efforts, and highlight our talented Membership base as much as possible!

If you have any questions please contact Skye Tucker  - PCPPA Publicity Chair at

* 1. Please enter your Name, Business Name, Email, Website, Facebook and other Social Media Links that you would like included in your Member Highlight Feature.

* 2. Please share a little about your business and what you photograph.

* 3. Share about how you started or found your passion in Photography.

* 4. Share your biggest lesson or a valuable tip about what you have learned through your career as a Professional Photographer.

* 5. Who has been your biggest source of inspiration, or greatest resource for education in photography?

* 6. What makes your photography business different or unique in your specific niche?

* 7. What do you carry in your Camera bag? OR What is your go to Camera setup and why?

* 8. How would you describe your style or approach to your work as a photographer?

* 9. What do you feel is the most important take away for your Clients from their photography experience?

* 10. Is there anything else you would like to add to your Member Feature?