Melbourne Australia
Sat 23 - Mon 25 April 2016


Welcome to the ALA ANZAC Men’s & Women's Teams, On-Line Application.

The introduction page will provide you with detail for Player Applications and an overview of the upcoming games vs NZ.

Following the past two ANZAC Commemorative Games, 2014 & 2015, in Auckland NZ, ALA will host New Zealand men's and women's teams in Melbourne the 2016 ANZAC Commemorative Games. ALA will arrange representative ANZAC Commemorative men's and women's teams.

MCC will host this event on behalf of ALA and teams will also attend the Shrine of Rememberence in Melbourne, for the ANZAC Dawn Service, Monday 25 April 2016..

In 1914, NSW and NZ were set to play a lacrosse game – the game that never was.
This match had to be called off because of the outbreak of the Great War (WW1) - and subsequently that was the end of NZ lacrosse (for men) for the next 86 years.
Hence it will become the centenary lacrosse game re-scheduled in 2014, and provides an important moment to acknowledge an important piece of culture and history for both Australia and New Zealand.
Below is the link to the newspaper of the day announcing the cancellation of the scheduled game, due to the outbreak of World War 1.
NB. Captain William Alfred Browning was a player for the Ponsonby Club (a club NZALU is re-establishing).
He left with the first contingent for Samoa - there is a photo at College Rifles Clubhouse of the College Rifles (regiment) who were also part of this contingent. Lots of great connections here and a heritage worthy of further exploration!

From the archives, this was the last announcement regarding men's lacrosse, apart from obituaries; attached are some extracts from the newspapers of 1914. 2014 was the 100 year anniversary of the start of the World War 1.