Advocacy efforts are underway and we need your help to make an impact on the 2018 and 2019 DDS, MRC and other budgets. Do you have a story you can share about your loved one who needs supports? These stories help us give a window into the lives and challenges you face as well as the types of supports that make a difference. 
Please use this survey to tell us which category of supports and some details about your loved one's situation.
These personal accounts are the most compelling way to advocate for needed services and supports.  Please contact Maura Sullivan if you have questions at

Here is a Sample Turning 22 Story but we welcome all stories...
-I was told there was no funding for my daughter.  She was going to have to stay at home except for the one day per week that she had a volunteer opportunity that she's had since high school. But I'm not sure who can help her there if needed.
-My daughter needs help each morning with preparing to dress and with some of her hygiene activities
-If we leave something in the refrigerator she can take it out for breakfast or another meal
-She can't stay home alone longer than 1 hour - they tried to help her be more independent at school but this is the best for now
-I'm frightened about what may happen to her if she decides to wander outside
-I will have to leave my job if she starts to wander
-For now we're trying to help her be more independent with computer games and television and I will phone her each hour
-It's not good for her but it avoids me leaving my job
-I know my situation is better than others who will have to leave their jobs and can't try this step first

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