* 1. Are you currently practising architecture, some form of spatial design, or working in the construction industry in some way?

* 2. If No, do you intend to begin, or return to, practice in the field of architecture?

* 3. What qualifications have you gained in order to be involved in the architectural profession?

* 4. Do you belong to any professional associations?

* 5. Where are you based? Please state the city you work in:

* 6. How do you participate in the profession?

* 7. Have you ever stopped or suspended your paid architectural work?

* 8. If yes, what is the reason for the stopping or suspension?

* 9. Please feel free to make any further comments.
We would also appreciate some feedback on areas you wish to be covered in future surveys.

* 10. Please provide your contact information. (Optional). This will help us with any clarification or follow up to the issues raised in this survey. Thanks for your participation.