Hub Survey - Introduction

November 25th, 2011
CNIB is embarking on a project to create a national digital hub that will enhance the current CNIB library services and broaden its reach to include all Canadians with a print disability.

The definition of a print disability as defined by the Canadian Copyright Act includes the following categories:

• Severe or total impairment of sight or the inability to focus or move one’s eyes (e.g. blind or partially sighted)

• The inability to hold or manipulate a book (e.g. person living with severe rheumatoid arthritis)

• An impairment relating to comprehension (e.g. learning disabilities or dyslexia)

You are invited to take part in a survey designed to learn more about how people with print disabilities can be better served by the CNIB Library, public libraries, and other libraries. We welcome any suggestions you have concerning how library services are presently offered, and would like your feedback regarding how these services can be improved in the future and integrated into a national digital hub.

If you choose to take part in the survey, you have two options: an online survey or a 1-on-1 interview over the telephone. To set up a telephone interview, please contact Chelsea at

In order to gain a thorough understanding of your needs for library service, we encourage you to answer all the survey questions to the best of your ability. However, should you not feel comfortable answering some questions, feel free to skip over them. Please note that individual responses to the survey will be kept confidential.

If you would prefer to complete a word version of the survey or have any questions please contact Kindly complete the survey by December 30th, 2011.

We thank you for your time.