About the Inclusive Economy Partnership BOOST 2021 programme.

About BOOST 2021 

BOOST 2021 is an accelerator programme delivered by the Inclusive Economy Partnership (IEP).

The IEP, run by the UK government’s Cabinet Office and Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, brings together business, civil society and government to tackle the UK’s most pressing social and economic problems through cross-sector partnerships. We believe that partnerships are the catalyst to unleash potential and create the fairer, more inclusive society we all want.  

BOOST 2021 is the scaling accelerator for organisations with an impactful solution to improving economic inclusion within the UK. 

We are specifically looking for organisations who have a clear plan to enable your solution to reach many more people, and who have solutions that focus on one or more of the following areas: 

  • Young people transition into meaningful work,
  • Supports mental health,
  • Improve financial resilience to those most in need, 
  • Digital inclusion, where it addresses one or more of the above challenge areas.

Organisations selected onto the programme will be supported by a cross-sector team, spanning government, the private sector and civil society who will provide support and network connections to grow your impact and your business.  

You will have access to a peer network, workshops and mentors, as well as ongoing support from scaling experts who will help identify and broker introductions to potential new partners.  

To be considered to participate in the BOOST 2021 programme you must: be registered in and operate in the UK, 
  • have an existing solution that addresses one of the focus areas listed above,
  • complete this application form by 25 March - please note, we are accepting applications on a rolling basis, this means we will assess applications as on a weekly basis between 1 March and 25 March (and may stop accepting applications at any point during this period once we have recruited to capacity) for the suitability of this programme”, and, if shortlisted,
  • participate in the selection process that will be held in early March (for the first tranche of shortlisted candidates) or late March (for the second tranche of shortlisted candidates).

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