This survey is intended to solicit public input regarding potential uses for the property at 10858 Culver Boulevard, which were identified by the City Council during its July 8, 2019 meeting. The five options identified consist of affordable housing for artists, modular affordable housing, a multiuse facility created by combining parcels to the west, a community center operated by the Wende Museum, and a center for veteran services and/or housing. The survey requires participants to prioritize the uses from most to least preferred and allows “other” uses to be submitted.  The survey does not allow the selection of only one use because the City Council wants to understand how participants feel about all of the uses.  The survey is similar to others conducted by the City. Please cast your vote by rating each use from 1st choice (most preferred) to 5th choice (least preferred).

Question Title

* Which use do you prefer?

  Choice 1 (most preferred) Choice 2 Choice 3 Choice 4 Choice 5 (least preferred)
Affordable housing for artists
Modular affordable housing
Multiuse facility created by combining parcels to the west
Community center operated by the Wende Museum
Veteran services and/or housing