The Municipality of Sioux Lookout and Lac Seul First Nation are leading a local Labour Market Working Group (LMWG) to create a greater engagement with First Nations Governments, Councils and Organizations, the business, education, health/social services and forestry/mining sectors and other employment/training organizations with respect to recruitment and retention of the local labour force.

To commence this process, we are gathering information to develop a Community Human Resource Plan and a Community Employment and Training Model.  Leading specialists in the Labour Market fields are coming to Sioux Lookout and will use this preliminary information to draft the Plan and the Model in support of innovative projects to meet the needs of employers and the demands of the current and changing labour market. Your input is valued, so please fill out the survey below:

The Labour Market Working Group is made up of the following sectors: First Nations Governments, Councils and Organizations, Employment & Training organizations, Education, Business & Industry.  

If you want more information or would like to participate on the Labour Market Working Group, email or call:                          

Sylvie Bérubé                                          George Sakchekapo
Project Coordinator                                 First Nations Liaison
Cell: 807-737-9767                                  Cell: 807-738-0687

* 1. Name of organization:

* 2. What is your organization’s mandate?
(Provide an overview of your organization.)

* 3. What is your service area?

* 4. How many employees do you have?

* 5. Is your organization facing any labour force challenges?
If no, skip to question 7.
If yes, what are they?

* 6. From your point of view, are your challenges unique to your organization?

* 7. What do you consider your labour market catchment area (geographically)?

* 8. What do you offer internally to support your labour force? (i.e. in-house training, do you support professional development, do you provide other types of training - please give details.)

* 9. What are your methods of recruitment?

* 10. Other comments: