Thank you for supporting Girls in Tech KC

As part of the Girls in Tech KC movement launched in December, KC STEM Alliance and partners would like to share stories of women who already are working in tech to encourage girls who are just beginning to think about it.

Your Stories
With your permission, we will post your photo with a brief look at how and why you are involved in tech. Sharing your stories will help communicate many things that will encourage girls to consider this field. For example, research shows girls are motivated by understanding that tech allows them to solve big problems, to be creative, to connect and collaborate with others. We’d love to hear your take on these things—is this true for you? What was your educational and career path? We’d like these stories to include the entire spectrum—from university students to women already employed in the field. Because no two people are alike, the more stories the better!

Once we collect and edit your stories, we will share with the Kansas City community in many ways, including Facebook and Twitter using #GirlsinTechKC, using this type of format:

About the Movement
The Girls in Tech KC movement encourages area girls to explore opportunities in computer science through outreach, mentoring and hands-on learning. The initiative is sponsored by the Skillbuilders Fund, Women’s Foundation and Cerner with support from a host of in-kind partners. Learn more at

How to Participate
Please fill out the survey that follows. It's meant as a guide, so please add anything specific you'd like to share and omit any areas you don't want to address. After you submit your survey, send a high res (300 dpi) photo of yourself to: You will have an opportunity to proof and approve your profile before it's shared. We'd like to collect AT LEAST 50 profiles, so you also are welcome to share this opportunity with other women you know.