Who do you recommend?

Many times I get asked who I recommend for this and that and for certain things, like who's my go to guy for deep tissue massages, I have an answer (it's Chris Larson at Joint Ventures-Kenmore Square), but for others I might not, so I'd like to leverage your experience by asking you.

Would you please help me help your teammates by sharing your recommendations?

Thank you in advance.

Your coach,

Mike Alves

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* 2. Would you please share your recommendations for the following categories? Enter the business name, the expert or person to ask for and the contact # and/or email if you have it.

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* 3. If there are any other businesses or categories you're a fan of that I didn't ask above would you please share them here.

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* 4. Feel free to share any comments, thoughts or questions here. Thank you again for your time today.