Career Compass Survey

We are asking for your help in determining how the Career Compass is being put into process across the university.  Please respond to the following questions from your perspective in your role.

All comments and data will be kept confidential; we will not identify the role or unit from which the responses were made.

We will be using the responses in 2 ways:  (1) In a presentation at the NACADA Region 6 Conference in Winnipeg (May, 2017), and (2) To continue to develop the Compass.

* 1. Please describe your role.

* 2. How often do you use the Career Compass in your day-to-day interactions with students?

* 3. What part of the compass is the most useful to you? Why?

* 4. What part of the compass is the least useful to you? Why?

* 5. How easily have you been able to incorporate it into your advising processes?

* 6. How accessible is it for your advising purposes?

* 7. How user-friendly is the paper version?

* 8. How user-friendly is the web version?

* 9. Do you know about the User Guide for the Career Compass? Compass Quick Reference

* 10. If you have never used as compass, please tell us why.