* 1. Please identify the response that best describes your role at CUSD.

* 2. Please select the school or department where you work.

* 3. Please select the answer below that best describes the number of years that you have worked for CUSD.

* 4. Do you know the vision for Chinle Unified School District?

* 5. If you answered yes to number 4 above, please respond below with a summary of what you believe the CUSD vision to be.

* 6. Please select the response to complete the next sentence according to what you believe.

All students can learn when:

* 7. My experience in working with teams within my department can best be described as:

* 8. In your department, who do you consider to be customers?

* 9. Please complete the following statement:

Customer service in my department

* 10. In your opinion, who is the most important person to communicate high expectations to students?

* 11. Please comment on one thing that you think is working really well in your school/department right now.

* 12. Please comment on one thing that you think needs to be improved in your school/department right now.

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