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The Adirondack Common Ground Alliance (CGA) is a diverse network of dedicated people who focus on addressing issues that affect the whole Adirondack Park: its communities, institutions, people and environment. Stakeholder citizens come together to foster communication, seek collaborative solutions, set the stage for constructive action, develop shared vision and strategies and communicate with one voice.

You are a key to CGA's work and its success. In preparation for the July 19, 2018 Common Ground Forum in Lake Placid, we need your input on the following topics for breakout sessions. This year, the breakout sessions will be highly focused, designed to conclude with actionable next steps to share and move forward with elected officials and other groups. We hope specific strategies will be enacted out of the 2018 Forum.

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* 5. Do you plan to attend the 2018 Common Ground Alliance in Lake Placid on July 19th?

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* 7. Help pick the topics for small working group discussions at the 2018 Forum on July 19. Pick your personal top 5 from the following long list of possibilities. The topics are NOT listed in any special order, so read the whole list before you pick your 5 choices.

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