By now you have either received your health insurance renewal rate for 2018 or you will be receiving it shortly.

Please, take a minute to answer a short survey about your insurance to let us know what your business is experiencing.  Thank you.

* 1. Did your proposed 2018 health insurance premium renewal rate increase or decrease?

* 2. If you had an increase, what was the percentage increase?

* 3. If you had a decrease, what was the percentage decrease?

* 4. If you had an increase, are you planning to make a change? (You may click off all that apply.)

* 5. Do you participate in RAM's Health Insurance Cooperative (RAMHIC)?

* 6. If you do not participate in RAMHIC, would like to receive a quote? (If you answer yes to this question, make sure you fill out contact information.)

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* 8. Feel free to provide additional feedback.