Acceptance Application

Soooo, You have an athlete who loves Sports and wants to Push their skills to the EDGE...

You are in the right place...

Please Fill out this Form completely and accurately so I can best help you.
Honesty is the first step...

This is an extremely limited program and only select applicants will be accepted as it is only for players who have an EXTREME DESIRE to SUCCEED and will not let anything get in their way...

Parents are also a huge part of the process and they must be 100% supportive of their youth athlete...

Please fill out this application only if you have an athlete who is 100% committed and you as a parent are 100% committed as well...

If we see that your application fits our criteria we will send you Welcome letter and set up your first session.

Thank You!

Stay Strong,
Coach Dan

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* 1. Parent First and Last Name

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* 2. Email and phone number

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* 3. What is the Athlete's Name and their age?

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* 4. What sports and what positions do they play in each sport?

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* 5. What is their hight and weight?

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* 8. Are you willing to invest into your child's athletic future, to make sure they have EVERY tool necessary to reach their goals and make their dreams a reality?

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* 9. How much are you will to invest per week into your athletes future?

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* 10. When is the best time to contact you?