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We want to make sure you have an incredible experience within Empowered Healers Academy.

Whether it's something that didn't sit right OR something incredible that you'd like to acknowledge, we'd love to hear from you.
Here are some examples of things we encourage as anonymous feedback: 
  • Did any of the facilitators say, do, or teach something in a way that was a TRIGGER for you? 
  • Did you find yourself triggered or disrespected by another student in the class? 
  • Was there something that was said, done, or taught that made you feel really good? 
  • Was there a way that the program could run more efficiently, or course content you wish was included?
  • Did you have a concern about another one of the students behaviours or professionalism? 
And of course, anything else you think is valuable for us to know or you feel needs to be voiced.

YOUR feedback matters, and we want to hear from you :) 

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* 1. Name and/or Class Date/Year you took the program:

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Please be as detailed and specific as possible.

If you're writing feedback about another student, please include their name.

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