Help YMOYL help Millennials with Money

In 2017, Your Money or Your Life turns 25. A new generation is trying to find their footing and make their unique contribution in a far more complex and less fair money/financial system. Internet tools make tracking easier for digital natives. Purchasing, investing and advice are a few clicks away. Even so, having a clear, powerful relationship with money is still elusive, especially for creative, innovative and service-oriented young people whose aspirations don't match the opportunities before them. Is there a Your Money or Your Life 2.0 waiting to be born? Help us find out by answering these questions.

* 1. Address

* 2. Your Age

* 3. How pressing are each of these issues for young people (whether you are one or know one)?

  Not a problem A hassle A problem A big problem A major problem
College Debt
No jobs in their field
Rent not affordable near job
Home-ownership not affordable
Multiple jobs just to get by
Can't afford to move out of parents home
Out of control debt
Inability to save
Overwhelmed and in denial

* 4. Some people under 40 don't seem to have issues though. What's your guess about why?

  Probably Maybe Probably not
They're more ambitious
Their parents paid for their education
They have privilege (race or class)
They're more resourceful
They're more conventional
They're more responsible
They're more relaxed
Dumb luck

* 5. What are under 40s' financial fears?

  Strong fear Somewhat scary A concern Not a concern
Never getting out of debt
Never saving money
Never having meaningful work
Falling behind friends (earning or status or possessions)
Never having enough money to start a family

* 6. What are your best sources for help with money now: books, websites, apps, speakers. List as many as you like

* 7. If you read Your Money or Your Life and to whatever degree followed the steps, what were the 1-3 most useful/memorable ideas or exercises? Elaborate to your heart's content.

* 8. If you are under 40 and new to Your Money or Your Life ideas, tell us, however you want, what your 1-3 big questions about money are. You could make up the title for a money book that you'd want to read. Or write about how you'd like your money life to look in 5 years - and what seems to stand in the way. Or about that one problem that if you didn't have it, everything else would fall into place. Or skip this one

* 9. If we do Your Money or Your Life 2.0, would you be interested in being part of a volunteer (or possibly paid) team to design and implement the new product. You can re-read the summary of the program here to help you consider this.