The Faculty of Education at The University of Hong Kong would like to find out the needs of prospective students for our newly developed programme, Master of Science in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is defined as a dual-focused educational approach in which an additional language is used for the learning and teaching of both content and language. It can be used as an umbrella term to encompass various programmes which adopt students’ second/foreign language as the medium of instruction when teaching non-language content subjects, such as immersion programmes, English-medium education, Language Across the Curriculum.

Please kindly take the time to fill in the following questionnaire. The information that you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence. Thank you for your participation.

Question Title

* II. Your current educational context

3.  What is the current situation of CLIL/EMI/LAC in your educational context? In which education sector is it practised?

Question Title

* How far do you agree with the statements below? Please fill in the appropriate option.

4. Our CLIL/EMI/LAC program has been implemented successfully.

Question Title

* 5. We encounter challenges in the following areas:

  Strongly  disagree  < < > > Strongly agree
(a) Curriculum and material design
(b) Availability of teaching materials and resources
(c) Availability of qualified teachers
(d) Teachers’ language proficiency
(e) Teachers’ content knowledge
(f) Teachers’ pedagogical knowledge
(g) Teachers’ workload
(h) Students’ learning diversity
(i) Students’ language proficiency
(j) Students’ content knowledge
(k) Students’ motivation

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* III. Your views on a Master of Science programme in CLIL
How far do you agree with the statements below? Please fill in the appropriate number.

6. I think a Master of Science programme in CLIL would be welcomed by the following groups:

  Strongly disagree < < > > Strongly agree
(a) Language teachers (primary)
(b) Subject teachers (primary)
(c) Language teachers (secondary)
(d) Subject teachers (secondary)
(e) University language teachers
(f) University subject teachers
(g) School adminstrators
(h) Teacher educators

Question Title

* 7. I prefer the following program design:

  Strongly disagree < < > > Strongly agree
(a) A one-year part-time blended-learning program consisting of both online and intensive on-site teaching.
(b) A two-year part-time program consisting of mainly on-site teaching.

Question Title

* 8. I would like the following content to be included in the program:

  Strongly disagree < < > > Strongly agree
(a) Academic literacy in content subjects (e.g. science, mathematics, history, liberal studies)
(b) English for academic purposes (e.g. academic writing)
(c) Principles and practice of CLIL
(d) Teaching methodologies in CLIL
(e) Research methods in education
(f) Research project

Question Title

* 9. I expect graduates of this program will benefit in the following areas:

  Strongly disagree < < > > Strongly agree
(a) Professional knowledge
(b) Curriculum development
(c) Experience sharing with local colleagues
(d) Experience sharing with international colleagues
(e) Career advancement
(f) Salary

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* Would you want to hear more about the new program when it is set up?
If yes, please write your email address here: