2018 UFCW Local 555 retail unity bargaining survey

Survey results provide bargaining teams with a range of opinions to use as guidance. Your answers will collectively shape contract proposals, so please answer thoughtfully.

Only surveys with identifying information (name, dept, etc. ) will be tallied. This protects all of us from anyone, or any employer, attempting to skew the results. 

* 1. Please provide us with your name and department.
(Remember, if you don't identify yourself, your answers will not be counted.)

* 2. What's your email address? We promise not to send you spam!

* 3. What is your cell phone #? (We may text you bargaining updates, but you will always have the option to opt-out. We promise not to spam you!)

* 4. Is this your primary/preferred phone number?

* 6. Please select the location of your primary store.

* 7. What contract do you work under?

* 8. How many years have you worked in the industry? (If you've left and come back, just combine the total number of years.)

* 9. How old are you? (This question is optional but helps us understand our demographics better.) 

* 10. How involved are you with UFCW Local 555 and with enforcing your contract?

* 11. If/when you experience a contract violation, what do you do? (Choose all applicable answers.) 

* 12. How important are each of these contract elements to you?

  Critical (willing to strike) Very important to me Moderately important to me  Not important to me No opinion N/A
Increased wages
Increased vacation/sick/holiday accruals
Increased pension contributions
Respecting seniority
Increased hours and consistent hours

* 13. How many hours per week do you typically work?

* 14. How many hours per week would you typically PREFER to work?

* 15. Which of these statements best represents you?

* 16. How much has a change in your schedule and/or having your hours cut negatively impacted you in the past year or so?

Not at all. My schedule is fine.
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 17. Continued eligibility for health insurance requires 80 hours each month. Have you experienced a loss in benefit eligibility for this reason?

* 18. Is there anything else you'd like to mention in regards to hours or scheduling ?

* 19. How important is it to you to include Shop Steward protections in the contract in order to enable Stewards to most effectively enforce the contract at the store level?

* 20. What do you like best about Local 555's Health & Welfare (health insurance) plan? (Check all that apply.)

* 21. Please indicate your order of priority for continued improvement of Local 555's Health & Welfare (health insurance) plan?
[1 = your highest priority]

* 23. Are you a journeyperson or an apprentice?

* 24. Would you like us to contact you with a range of opportunities for involvement with the bargaining committee? A YES doesn't commit you to anything but it does mean you're interested in being considered.

* 25. Please describe any additional contract elements or language that you would like the bargaining team to consider.

* 26. Are you interested in receiving bargaining updates when negotiations begin?

* 27. How would you prefer to receive bargaining updates? (Select all that apply.)

* 28. Is there anything else you would like us to know?