New Ministry Interest Survey

In an effort to plan and plant a ministry in the central New Jersey area, your honest feedback is requested. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey by answering each question as honestly as possible. Our goal is to foster a community of believers that engage in genuine worship which brings utmost glory to God. 

* 2. Has your involvement in church increased, decreased, or remained about the same in the last few years?

* 3. With which of the following religious affiliations do you have the greatest identification and/or experience?

* 4. Listed below are a number of tasks that a local church is likely to perform. Please respond to each item by indicating the priority level within a growing congregation.

  High Priority Moderate Priority Low Priority Not a priority
Offering worship that provides a meaningful experience of God and the Christian tradition
Providing worship that expresses the Gospel in contemporary language and forms
Providing Christian education for children and youth
Providing Christian education programs for adults
Helping members deepen their personal, spiritual relationship with God
Sharing the good news of the Gospel with the unchurched
Engaging in acts of charity and service to persons in need
Encouraging members to act on the relationship of the Christian faith and economic issues
Providing a caring ministry for the sick, shut­ins and the bereaved
Providing pastoral counseling to help members deal with personal problems
Providing fellowship opportunities for members
Helping members understand their use of money, time and talents as expressions of Christian stewardship
Supporting the global mission of the church
Helping members discover their own gifts for ministry and service
Participating in activities and programs with other local religious groups
Expressing our heritage and cultural traditions
Embracing and affirming the diversity which exists among people regardless of their race, gender, or orientation
Demonstrating genuine unconditional love for all people and fostering a true sense of community

* 5. For you, personally, how important are each of the following in the mix of qualities that make a good worship service?

  Emphasis High Priority Moderate Priority Low Priority Not a priority
Providing time for members to greet one another
Providing worship that is emotionally moving
Providing worship that is intellectually challenging
Attention given to sacraments (Baptism and Holy Communion)
Member participation in leading worship
Use of inclusive, non­sexist language
Use of creeds, statements of faith, or vision statements
Silent prayer/meditation
Having parts of the worship especially for children
Use of tradition hymns and music
Corporate prayer in which the entire congregation participates
Providing worship at times other than Sunday morning
Use of more contemporary worship styles and music
A spiritual encounter and full experience or worship and praise
Naturally balances the flow of worship and praise
Appreciates and engages in creative expressions of worship
Dedicates service time and attention on money and monetary issues

* 6. For you, personally, how important are each of the following in the mix of qualities that make a good sermon?

  Very Important and Necessary Somewhat Important and/or Necessary Important, but not really necessary Not important or necessary
Sets forth a clear faith position as a guide for making decisions and living a faithful life
Based on a clear, unambiguous religious authority
Touches directly on my everyday life
Contains scholarly or literary illustrations
Is biblically based and illustrated
Makes me reflect on issues and events that go beyond my personal life and local community
Is challenging and thought-­provoking
Obviously flows from the depth of the preacher’s own personal faith and spiritual convictions
Is comforting and reassuring
Is carefully composed and skillfully delivered
Is spiritually moving and inspirational
Sets forth various sides of an issue without advocating one position as the only Christian position
Emphasizes prosperity and financial wealth or obligations

* 7. If you could choose any time on Sunday morning, what time would you prefer for worship to start?

* 8. In thinking about what ORIGINALLY attracted you to church, select from the list below those reasons that best match reasons for you becoming an active member of a church. You may select more than one.

* 9. What is your gender

* 10. What is your age group?