1. WCCC Outcomes

* 1. How well did WCCC perpare you for continuing your education and/or entering the workforce?

* 2. If you could start college over, would you choose to attend WCCC?

* 3. What was your PRIMARY reason for attending WCCC?

* 4. Please rate your level of satisfaction with each of the following.

  Neutral Satisfied Very Satisfied Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied N/A
Quality of College Instruction
Concern For You As An Individual
Academic Advising And Counseling Services
College-sponsored Programs & Actvities
Attitude of College Faculty Towared Students
Attitide of Staff Toward Students
College Orientation Program
General Registration Procedures
Financial Aid Services
Library Resources & Services
Tutoring Services
Registration Services
Classroom Facilities
Access To Computers

* 5. Have you attended another college or university since graduating?

* 6. If yes, where?

* 7. How much did you earn in 2007?

* 8. What was your major?

* 9. Gender

* 10. What is your race/ethnicity?