* 1. How did you hear about the Light Touch Clinic?

* 2. When contacting the Light Touch Clinic, was your enquiry dealt with quickly and efficiently?

* 3. When arriving for your appointment, were you greeted in a friendly manner and made to feel comfortable?

* 4. Did you feel that the Clinic was clean and tidy?

* 5. Do you feel the Practitioner was knowledgeable and that your concerns were addressed during the consultation?

* 6. Are you satisfied with the standard of treatment received at the Light Touch Clinic?

* 7. How would you rate the available treatments at the Light Touch Clinic.

* 8. Are there any additional treatments you would like to see available at the Light Touch Clinic?

* 9. Would you return to the Light Touch Clinic again, or recommend it to a friend?

* 10. Is there anything that you feel we could do to improve the Light Touch Clinic?

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