* 1. Is this your first year attending the West Side Montessori Spring Fundraiser Event?

* 2. How would you rate your overall experience for the event?

* 3. Which type of ticket did you purchase for the event?

* 4. Do you feel the event was work the $100 ticket price?

* 5. Do you feel that the Express Pay Auction system helped to expedite the check-in/check-out process?

* 6. Did you feel the on-line registration system was preferable to manual payment?

* 7. Please provide your feedback on the following event items:

  Poor Fair Good Excellent N/A
Venue (Health Care REIT)
Live Auction
Silent Auction
Heads/Tails Game
Horse Betting Game

* 8. Did you feel that the silent auction items offered an acceptable range of starting bids?

* 9. Did you feel that the live auction was dynamic and moved at an acceptable pace?

* 10. What suggestions would you offer for the 2014 event?