1. 2011 SIFF Community Advisory Committee

One of SIFF’s goals is to broaden and diversify our audiences and our organization to ensure that our mission truly benefits the entire community. In order to better accomplish that, we began a Community Advisory Committee in 2011 to help advise SIFF on strategic directions with respect to how SIFF can become a more diverse community and better serve Seattle audiences.

SIFF is seeking community members to join the Community Advisory Committee. Members will meet as a group six times a year to discuss and review how SIFF can work with the current programming (at SIFF Cinema and/or Seattle International Film Festival) to become a more integral part of the Seattle community. There are three main areas you can focus on (Programming, Community Events/Outreach, Ambassadors) as part of this committee and these will communicate and meet in addition to the large group meetings (one can expect an average of 15-20 volunteer hours per month).

As an active member of the community and film lover, your input and insight is vital to the health and vitality of SIFF and the Seattle Film Industry. Outside of this service, you will receive a complimentary pass to SIFF Cinema as well as the 2012 Seattle International Film Festival.

Thank You!