Help us name Mozilla's new test case management tool

We wanted to open our search for a new name up to YOU, the Community. These are some brainstorm name direction ideas. We know some may be in use, these are just directions to take the naming. But if you have your own idea, or a variation on these, please let us know! And please submit your email with your own ideas so we can contact you if we pick it. Thanks!

* 1. Please rate the following name direction ideas. (We know some may already be in use). And if you submit your own name idea, please include your email so we can contact you if we choose to use it!

  Don't like OK Pretty good Awesome
TcMo (or TcMoz)
Ballast (helps keep a ship upright in a storm)
Shoofly (get away, you bugs)
Zenko (benevolent, celestial fox in Japanese mythology)
Fine Fettle / Full Fettle (a state of being)
Kitsu (sound a fox makes in Japanese, archaic)
Ignis (latin for fire)