Inspector General Stakeholder Evaluation

Please rate your impression of the Inspector General’s office in the following areas. Please be as candid as possible, as we will use survey responses to improve our policies and procedures.
1.Communication & Responsiveness – Criteria: does the IG’s office respond promptly when contacted? Is communication received from the IG’s office professional and informative?(Required.)
2.Work Quality – Criteria: Are conclusions, findings, and recommendations presented by the IG’s office reasonable and, if applicable, able to be acted upon? If you have requested IG assistance, does the work produced by the office meet your expectations?(Required.)
3.Reporting – Criteria: Do written or verbal communications and reports from the IG’s office present information in a clear, understandable manner?(Required.)
4.Independence – Criteria: Do you feel that the IG operates with an attitude of independence and impartiality? Would you feel comfortable reporting a suspected issue to the IG’s office?(Required.)
5.Are there any additional comments you'd like to provide about our office or recommendations for improvement?