This is your chance to participate in the most exciting career event on campus this year, our 3rd Reverse Career Fairand Networking Event! This is an opportunity to network and showcase your visual, graphic, web design, business plans, and/or professional writing work to visiting employers.

Instead of the usual and traditional career fair set-up, you would be behind the tables showcasing your work, and employers would go from table to table to see what you have been working on in and out of class. You will display your portfolios and employers will be the attendees!

* 1. Will you/ your group be able to attend the Reverse Career Fair?

* 2. Name:

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* 7. Title of presentation/table/poster (ex:Graphic Design Showcase):

* 8. Materials that you will provide (check all that apply)

* 9. Career Opportunities You Are Seeking (check all that apply)

* 10. If you or your group is planning to bring a laptop, what forms of technology are you/your group planning to use? Please check all that apply: