Ministry Partnerships Committee Survey

The guiding purpose of the Ministry Partnerships Committee is to engage every First Baptist Church member in meaningful ministry.
We are collecting and organizing information about all ministry efforts currently performed by our church members, and possible ministries FBC might like to begin.  Please help by responding to the following questions.
Thank you from the Ministry Partnerships Committee
Jenny Barnes, Sharon Burke, Ken Cannon, Ellen Howard, Jay Howard, Sharon Pinder, Kevin Sullivan 

Question Title

* 1. Current Ministries/Missions
Are you involved, as an individual or group, in mission efforts? Please list the ministry efforts in which you are involved.

Question Title

* 2. New or Continued Missions/Ministries
Please mark the areas of ministry that are most important to you, or about which you are most passionate.  Check all that apply.

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* 3. Equipped for Ministries/Missions
Please list your skills, talents, or spiritual gifts that you would like to use in ministry.

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