Setting Some Context

Let's design an anti-racist street that connects Cleveland's Downtown and east side neighborhoods through short-term, pop-up interventions and long-term visioning. Anti-racism asks us to identify and eliminate racism by changing the systems that perpetuate it. This project calls for a change to our street infrastructure that currently divides us rather than connects us.

Together we envision a street that:
  • Counteracts Cleveland's racial segregation to better connect our communities
  • Makes it safer to walk, bike, scoot, roll, or drive
  • Intentionally protects Black and non-Black people of color’s lives and reduces injuries, Coronavirus spread, and police encounters
  • Is kid-friendly and family-friendly 
  • Is beautiful and welcoming
  • Is accessible to those who are differently abled, physically and mentally
  • Generates and redistributes wealth into neighborhoods that have endured years of disinvestment

Why now?
  • Addressing the racism embedded in our street designs is overdue.
  • Cleveland has declared racism a public health crisis and must take action, large and small.
  • The Coronavirus has made wide, empty roadways and narrow sidewalks more obvious and more dangerous.

What's the timeline?
  • We'd like to pop-up and test at least one street idea by the end of October 2020.
  • We'd like to plan additional ideas and implementations for Spring 2021.
Who is involved?

This is a resident-led effort, with residents from Downtown, Hough, Central, MidTown, AsiaTown, St Clair Superior, and Glenville. Based on survey responses, more than 50% of those involved are people of color. We have white individuals involved who are committed to supporting Black individuals who want to take on leadership roles.
Professional staff from Cleveland City Planning Commission, Campus District Inc., Downtown Cleveland Alliance, Historic Gateway Neighborhood Corporation / Historic Warehouse District Development Corporation, MidTown Inc., Famicos Foundation, Bike Cleveland, and Ingenuity Cleveland have also been assisting this effort.
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