1. Introduction to the CrossFit and Your Pelvic Floor Survey

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This survey is to find out how many CrossFitters (male and female) are actually having trouble with their pelvic floor, what kind of exercises make their symptoms worse and what management they have sought.

Your honesty in answering will help health professionals like Physical Therapists (Physiotherapists) design exercise programs that will let you keep training, improve your performance and prevent leaking.

Please answer all the questions - these have been designed by Physical Therapists working in this area.

All answers will be treated confidentially. Your personal details will only be used to contact you if you choose for us to contact you.

This questionnaire will take you approximately 5-10mins to complete.

Thank you for your time.

Antony Lo - Physical Therapist - The Physio Detective - www.physiodetective.com
Julie Wiebe - Physical Therapist - Julie Wiebe PT - www.juliewiebept.com

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