* 1. Do you consider yourself a Furry?

* 2. Please rank what you use the online communities for, 1 (most) to 4 (least).

* 3. How often do you organise meetings with people in real life via such sites?

* 4. How many Furry friends do you have, in total?

* 5. How many of your friendships with Furries have started online?

* 6. How many of your Furry friends crossover between online and offline?

* 7. For each social activity please select which medium you predominantly use?

  Always Digital Mostly Digital Frequently Digital 50:50 Frequently Physical Mostly Physical Always Physical
Learning about a topic
Talking with like-minded people
To organise real life meetings
To befriend others with similar tastes in common

* 8. In an ONLINE setting please give estimates for each of the following

* 9. In an OFFLINE setting please give estimates for each of the following

* 10. Please could you give an indication of your location.

For the UK, the first 3 letters of your postcode. For other countries, a country name and county/state/province/region. (whatever you feel comfortable with)

If you'd like to be involved further in this research, for example in interviews later on please fill out the second text box.