Please help us develop an Agricultural Protection Plan for the Town of Cobleskill by checking the appropriate box or by writing in the answer. Some questions will ask for only one response while others will ask for multiple answers. Also, if you would prefer to complete a hard copy of the survey, please feel free to pick up a printed survey form at the Town Hall.

1. If you would like to receive more information on the Agricultural Protection Plan for the Town of Cobleskill, please provide your contact information below. Otherwise you may skip this question.

2. Please tell us your relationship to the Town of Cobleskill.

3. Please tell us how familiar you are with farming:

  Yes No
Have you ever lived on a farm?
Have you ever owned or operated a farm?
Do you live near (within 1/4 mile) of a farm?
Is or was that farmer a good neighbor?

4. When was the last time you visited a farm?

5. Which of the following represent your view of Cobleskill agriculture over the last 10 years?

6. Which of the following businesses do you regularly patronize?

7. What features, if any, cause you to spend more for food?

  Not important Somewhat important Very important
Produced locally (Cobleskill)
Produced in New York York State
Animals humanely treated
Large selection
Produced on known family farm
Produced on farm of known high standards
Superior taste
Produced locally (Schoharie County)
Organically produced
Leaner and less fat
Superior nutrition
No hormones or antibiotics

8. What features, if any, would cause you to buy more of your food locally?

  Not important Somewhat important Very important
More activities to make shopping an event
Different hours or seasons
Higher quality products
Better presentations of products
More advertising and promotion as reminders
More variety in selections
Better locations
Better service

9. Please tell us whether you agree or disagree with the following:

  Diasgree Agree
Local farmers deliver generally high-quality products
Farmers are good neighbors
Loans and grants to develop farm enterprises in the area are important
The price of food is too high
Farming enhances the scenic beauty of Cobleskill
The price of most farm food commodities is relatively low
Farming doesn't have much of a future in this area
Farming is positive for the environment
Tax breaks for farmers are important
Farming preserves valuable open space
Farmers get paid too little for their labor
Farmers need to act more like other businesses and compete
Agriculture and farming are high-technology industries
Farmland preservation incentives are important to the area
Farming presents a good career opportunity for bright, enterprising individuals
Farmers get too many tax breaks already

10. Please, if you are a Town of Cobleskill resident, tell us whether you would support the following measures by the Town?

  Would NOT support Would support Would strongly support N/A
Creating a program through grants, donations and a tax on real estate transfers to pay farmers for temporarily (15-25 years) surrendering their development rights?
Encouraging more small farm activities (less than $10,000 per year gross income) on otherwise residential properties?
Allowing more or larger signs for farm stands to promote small farm activities?
Increasing minimum lot sizes in areas with karst issues to protect water supplies?
Increasing the minimum lot size in agricultural zoning districts to restrict development and prevent conflicts with agriculture?
Creating a program to temporarily (15-25 years) grant participating farmers further tax decreases in return for surrendering development rights?
Developing new outlets for farm products?
Promoting conservation subdivision techniques that would allow farmers to sell lots provided they kept most of the farmland intact and in farm use?
Developing a Town of Cobleskill brochure to promote more agricultural tourism ventures through driving tours and the like?

11. Do you have some additional ideas you'd like to share with us for the Town of Cobleskill Agricultural Plan?