The Optical Registration Board is required by the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005 (as amended) to make a Bye-Law to set out the conduct of elections for the appointment of members to the Board.

We have now launched a public consultation seeking the views of the public, the professions and other interested parties on the bye-law before its final approval by the Board. 

A number of consultation questions have been prepared for your consideration when reviewing the draft bye-law. We encourage responses to all of the questions as well as any additional comments that you would like to make.
The draft bye-law Election of Members For Appointment to the Registration Board Bye-Law 2017 has been published on and is available to view by clicking on the link here. It can also be requested by emailing or contacting CORU on 01 2933160.

The consultation process will close at 5pm on Tuesday 30 May 2017. We will then assess all feedback as we finalise the Registration Board’s bye-law.  A report on the consultation process will be published on  

If you wish to do so, you can request that your name and/or organisation be kept confidential and excluded from the published summary of responses. Please note that we may use your details to contact you about your responses. We do not intend to send responses to each individual respondent.

If you have any questions, or if you require further information, please contact CORU on 01 2933160 or email

* 1. Contact Details:

You do not need to provide this information but please do if you would like us to provide you with details on the outcome of this consultation process.

* 2. Would you like to be added to our database so we can contact you regarding future developments? Please say YES or NO

* 3. Are you contributing to this public consultation in: 

* 4. How did you hear about this consultation?

* 5. The Bye-Law proposes that the electoral system is proportional representation by the single transferrable vote.

If you were to choose an electoral system would it be:

* 6. The Bye-Law proposes that notice of the holding of the election will be given at least 56 days before the date of the election.

Do you believe that the notice period is:

* 7. It is proposed that the notice of the election will be published on the CORU website and in one national daily newspaper.

Please provide any comments on the publication of the notice of the election:

* 8. The Bye-Law proposes that in order to be eligible for election for appointment to a Registration Board the person must among other things:-

a) Be registered with the Registration Board for the designated profession on the day that the electoral register is established.

b) Have been proposed by one registrant, and supported by a further four registrants of the profession in writing

c) submit a signed declaration confirming his or her eligibility to be nominated in the chosen category

d) submit a signed declaration confirming that if he or she is elected there is no reason for the Minister to remove that person as a member of a Registration Board

Do you agree that the proposed nomination process is appropriate?

* 9. It is proposed that the names of the proposers and supporters of a candidate will be printed on the notice confirming the candidates validly nominated for election.

Do you agree that the names of the proposer and 4 supporters should be published?

* 10. It is proposed that candidates will have the option to have his/her photograph included on the ballot paper

Do you believe that photographs on ballot papers should be:

* 11. CORU is considering how best to provide canvassing information provided by candidates. It is proposed that canvassing material (limited to 300 words) would be published by CORU on the website. The register of electors will not contain registrants’ personal details including postal addresses.

Please provide any comments on canvassing materials:

* 12. It is proposed that ballot papers must be returned within 14 days.

Do you feel that a 14 day period is:

* 13. It is proposed that the Registration Board will appoint two scrutineers whose duty will be to monitor the process for determining the validity of nominations and that the counting of votes is carried out in accordance with the bye-law and in an honest, fair and accurate manner.

Please provide any comments on the role of the scrutineers:

* 14. Please provide any other comments on the election process:

Thank you for participating in this consultation process. Your views will be taken into consideration. If you have provided your contact details you will be contacted with details on the outcome of this process.
If you have any queries please contact CORU on 01 2933160 or email
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