* 1. What are the top three (3) positive benefits/advantages of working with your local veterinarian?

* 2. What are the top three (3) negative problems/disadvantages of working with your local veterinarian?

* 3. Regarding the problems you listed in question #2 what are your recommendations as to how to fix,
minimize or alleviate the problems?

* 4. What is one service, advice or other form of help that you wished your veterinarian provided but does not?

* 5. How do you think your local veterinarians view the wildlife rehabilitator community? (e.g. Do your local veterinarians have a positive or negative view of rehabbers and their work? And why do they hold this viewpoint do you think?)

* 6. To illustrate the good versus the bad aspects of working with the veterinary community please provide a
short description of one specific good & positive example of working with your veterinarian and one
specific negative example of working with your local veterinarian.

* 7. NOTE- Demographic Information: (This information is optional but would be very helpful) :)
• Name:
• Name of Rehabilitation Organization:
• City, State/Province, Country of Organization:
• Estimated Number of Annual Cases Seen Each Year:
• Types of Animals Cared For (e.g. avian, reptilian, mammalian, etc.):
• Do you have a veterinarian on your staff or do you consult with a local veterinarian?:
NOTE- Please feel free to provide any additional comments, critiques or suggestions that you feel would
be helpful in dealing with this important professional issue.