Story Submission Questionnaire

The Rescue Roundup has decided to provide a questionnaire/survey to obtain material for future articles and would appreciate your filling it out. For your responses, please enter more than just a brief statement! Deborah Abeles will contact those of you who have provided insightful and/or interesting responses for your permission to use the information in an article as well as to answer any questions she has. Note: your dog does NOT have to be a rescue for you to answer this questionnaire! We want to hear from everyone!
Questions? Contact Deborah Abeles at
Thank you!

* 1. Your contact information

* 2. Is your current dog your first Bouvier? If no, how many Bouviers have you had?

* 3. Why did you decide a Bouvier would be the best breed for you? Have you been satisfied with the choice?

* 4. What aspects of the breed have surprised you?

* 5. What do you like and dislike about the breed?

* 6. Is your current dog a rescue and, if yes, why did you decide to go this route?

* 7. How long did it take your dog to get comfortable in your home? How long did it take you to bond with your dog?

* 8. What problems did you encounter with the dog?

* 9. If your situation were such that you wanted another dog, would you consider a rescue? Why or why not?