Before answering any questions please confirm that:
- the business you own is based in North East Lincolnshire.
- the business you own meets the European Union's definition of an SME:

* 1. Using the above table, please state which enterprise category your small business falls under.

* 2. Briefly describe your business.

* 3. In your opinion, when do you believe the most recent recession started in Ireland?

* 4. What do you think caused the most recent recession?

* 5. Before the most recent recession, how many employees did your business have?

* 6. How many employees does your business have today?

* 7. How has the most recent recession impacted your business? This can be either positive or negative.

* 8. Do you believe government can prevent recessions or that they are a natural recurrence?

* 9. How do you believe the performance of your business would have been during the most recent recession if the Ireland had not adopted the Euro?