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* 1. In keeping with the requirements of the Wesleyan Church for its members to make an annual reaffirmation of their commitment to Christ and their loyalty to the Wesleyan Church, I affirm the following:

a.      I have been born again through faith in Jesus Christ.

b.      I am committed to pursue holiness in all things.

c.      I have been baptized.

d.      I am committed to abide by the teachings of The Wesleyan Church, including the Articles of Religion and the Elementary Principles (see attachment for the summary of the Articles of Religion).

e.      I accept the authority of the Wesleyan Church in matters of church government.

f.      I am committed to live out the mission and vision of LifeJourney Church through a discipling relationship within the local church.

g.      I am committed to regular attendance of Sunday morning worship services and special events. (Regular attendance means being committed to attending unless prohibited because of occupation, sickness, scheduled vacations, and/or emergencies.)  

h.      I am committed to serve LifeJourney Church by using my talents, abilities, and spiritual gifts.

i.      I am committed to practicing the discipline of storehouse tithing and generosity as taught in the scriptures.

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* 2. By signing your name you are reaffirming your commitment to Christ and your loyalty to LifeJourney Church and The Wesleyan Church:

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