which took place on 23 Feb 2015, at Friends' Meeting House, Nottingham.

This survey is for people who went to the event!  If that's you, thanks for looking :-)  Please write as much or as little as you like.  Even a few words is helpful. 

If you missed it & wish you could've been there... look out for future event announcements, and maybe also another survey about dates and themes for the next BiTalkia.  https://nottinghambi.wordpress.com/

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* 1.


Did the pre-event info give you a good idea of what to expect? 

Was there anything we didn't include, which you'd ideally have liked to know in advance? 

Was there any particular key thing which we did say, which encouraged you to turn up?

(if you're going into any detail here, please note which info you saw, e.g. blog, Facebook, flyer)

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* 2.

VENUE LOCATION & library pre-meet

Some people had initially felt the Friends' Meeting House might seem too far outside the busy well-known part of the city centre.  In practice on the night, did the location work OK for you?  (taking into account parking, buses, trams, finding it, the library pre-meet if you were part of that.)

If we did the library pre-meet again next time, would you most likely join in with that, to have company for the walk up, or would you probably go straight to the venue?

(not assuming that people will necessarily do the same as before, esp as some people probably met there that first time mainly in order to be shown where the Meeting House is.) 

If you took advantage of the pre-meet this time, how did it work for you? Was it easy to spot the group? Any tips for next time?

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* 3.


Leaving aside the venue location, just thinking in terms of the inside spaces, practical facilities, access and overall vibes:  what did you think of the Friends' Meeting House Social Room as a space to meet? 

Should we meet there again?  Can you think of anywhere that might be better suited?

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* 4.


As that was the first time, we read out the ground rules for the group.  Do you think it's helpful to do that every time?  Or would it be enough to have them there on paper?

Was there anything you thought of later that you'd like to add to the ground rules?

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* 5.


What did you most enjoy, or not enjoy, about the talky bit? 

Was the theme and process valuable for you in your own explorations, on the whole?

Any improvements you'd suggest for the format of "Fitting and Misfitting"? 

Any tips for Jennifer and Rachel, or for future facilitators of similar things? 

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* 6.


How did you find the unstructured chat after the "discussion" part? 

Would you have liked a little bit of structure for that bit too, or maybe someone doing a sort of "hosting" duty, to help you to circulate and meet a few more new people?  Or was it fine for you as it is?  (or even "the best bit" for you?)

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* 7.


Suppose by magic, we suddenly had enough energy and enough regular BiTalkia-goers to start running it much more often - say once a week or once a month.  In that hypothetical universe, how often would you imagine yourself coming along?  either to the discussion part, or just for the after-discussion chat?

(you can tick more than one - e.g. if you think "I suppose maybe every 6 weeks" you could tick once a month and once every couple of months.)

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* 8.


If you were explaining to a friend about BiTalkia, what would you say was good about it?  or what did you enjoy most?  or what makes it worthwhile to bother having it & going to it?  

(asking this partly because it would be good to have some explanations like this to put on future publicity.)

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* 9.


If you were in charge of the next BiTalkia, what would you try differently?  (apart from having a different theme - since the idea is to vary the theme every time.)

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* 10.

Anything else you feel like saying to round off :-)