Perfectly Petite Survey 1.2

Perfectly Petite is a support group for models below industry standard height, we believe in equality, diversity and a healthy body image. This is our first public survey. All answers are very much appriciated.

* 1. Would you like to see a more diverse range of body-types on catwalk models?

* 2. What do you think the average height of a UK female is?

* 3. Did you know that many brands regularly use tall models to promote petite clothing? (e.g. ASOS)

* 4. Would you like the media to stop using airbrushing to falsely advertise products?
(e.g. L’Oreal’s banned campaign, Julia Roberts & Madonna, Maybelline’s false eyelashes “enhanced post-production”…) And if so, why?

* 5. Do you think a size-zero culture in the media and widespread publishing of articles on dieting and “how to drop a dress-size” is contributing to a rise in eating disorders and depression in children, teens and young people?

* 6. Do you think that the fashion and modelling industry should be required to re-evaluate and change their attitude/standards?

* 7. How important do you feel a healthy body image is?

* 8. Would you be happy to see petite models on the runway?

* 9. Is there anything you would like to see change or don’t agree with in the fashion industry or media?