What do you want to learn? - Sonoma Water Design Talks Survey

Dear Water Enthusiast--

I'm writing to get to know you a little and find out what you're hoping to gain from the upcoming talks I'm giving in Sonoma County: http://oasisdesign.net/education/russianriver

Would you do the favor of taking a moment to answer a few survey questions? Please respond ASAP so we've got time to act on your suggestions.
(I will keep your individual responses confidential, though I may share the summary of all your responses with the group.)
Oh...and please ask all your friends and colleagues to come join us!


Art Ludwig

* 1. Your information:
(note—I will keep your contact information private.)

* 2. Preparation/ participation in the two events:

  Yes No
Have you attended a workshop/ presentation by Art Ludwig before?
Do you plan to attend the Russian River Friendly Landscape talk the morning of January 28th? (http://oasisdesign.net/education/russianriver/)
Do you plan to attend the public talk the 7 pm January 28th? (http://oasisdesign.net/education/russianriver/)
Have you seen this web page: http://oasisdesign.net/education/russianriver/ ? (if not, Please take a look at it; it includes all sorts of useful background and follow up reading)
Have you read Create an Oasis with Greywater?
Viewed our Laundry to Landscape Educational DVD?
Read our book Water Storage?
Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands?
Any of the other suggested background reading?
Do you find graphs and spreadsheets easy to understand?

* 3. Background (check ALL that apply):

Are you a(n)...

* 4. Experience (check any that apply)

I have installed...

* 5. Use of the information

How do you hope to apply the information you learn in this workshop? (check any that apply)

* 6. What topics do you want addressed in the talks? Please give each topic below a rank by entering numeric values (0= least interest, 5 = most interest) so I can total up your responses. You can also comment on any or all of them at the end of the survey.

+Walk through water budget spreadsheet I can use for my clients
0 (Zero interest)

Here goes:

* 7. Site examples:

  Yes No
I have a particular project I would like to discuss as a design example in the presentation (time permitting)
I can bring site plans and other background info for it (See http://www.oasisdesign.net/design/consult/checklist.htm#checklist )

* 8. Do you have a project you would like a consultation on?

I do both consultations for homeowners and "wholesale" engineering and technical implementation support for building and design professionals on their projects (See http://oasisdesign.net/design/consult ). I will be in the area for a few days after my presentations.

If so, please share a bit about the project and be sure to include your contact info...

* 9. More info:

  Yes No
I'm interested in buying any leftover books wholesale
Please send me the Oasis Design email newsletter (sporadical...no more than 12x a year)

* 10. Please write anything else you'd care to share. Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey.