The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Victim Assistance Program is committed to providing excellent services to victims of crime.  Recently, you had contact with our program and we would like to know about your experience.  Please take a few minutes to rate the following statements by selecting the choices that most closely match your feelings.  Your responses will help us serve you and other crime victims more effectively in the future.

* 1. Please indicate the services you received from your Victim / Witness Advocate. Check all that apply.

* 2. How long have you been working with your Victim / Witness Advocate?

* 3. As a result of my contact with my Victim / Witness Advocate, I have more knowledge about the resources available to me.

* 4. My Victim / Witness Advocate referred me to the appropriate services for my situation.

* 5. My Victim / Witness Advocate treated me with dignity, respect and fairness.

* 6. My Victim / Witness Advocate provided updates on the status of your case in a timely manner.

* 7. My Victim / Witness Advocate assisted me with having a better understanding of my rights.

* 8. My Victim / Witness Advocate assisted me in understanding the criminal justice system and how it relates to my case.

* 9. Overall I'm satisfied with the services provided by my Victim / Witness Advocate.

* 10. Type of Victimization: (Please select from the below list, check all that apply)