Patron Survey

The B-Side at One Lucky Guitar is the venue within our downtown design & marketing boutique. In this super-intimate, one-in-a-million space, you'll find a dozen or so shows a year—from singer-songwriter to punk rock, from stand-up comedy to modern dance. We want to know—are we hitting the mark? How can we make your experience better? Tell us, below! 

* 1. How do you hear about shows at The B-Side? Check all that apply.

* 2. Do ticket prices at The B-Side represent good value to you?

* 3. Do you like that our shows are BYO (as opposed to OLG bringing in a cash bar)?

* 4. How would you rate The B-Side experience during a performance—sound, lights, sightlines, seating, chairs, climate, restrooms and so on?

* 5. How would you rate your experience, pre- and post-performance?

* 6. Sometimes, we bring in professional sound and use a PA, speakers, etc. Other times, we go pure acoustic, no speakers or reinforcement. Preference?

* 7. What would enhance the experience for you, as a patron?

* 8. Who/what do you want to see at The B-Side?

* 9. What stops you from attending more shows?

* 10. What events have you attended at The B-Side? Check all that apply.