* 1. Are you satisfied with the Penhold Fitness Center

* 2. What could be done to improve the athletic experience at the Penhold Fitness Center?

* 4. What activities would you like to see offered in the Gymnasium

* 5. We would like your input on ways for better access/information about utilizing the Gymnasium

* 6. Are you satisfied with the cost of memberships for the Penhold Fitness Center

* 7. The 24 hour Fob is now available to Fitness Members.  There is a $50.00 refundable deposit to have one.  Do you feel this system can be improved and how.

* 8. The Penhold Multiples has a walking/running track.  Do you use it and is there any improvements that can be made to enhance your experience.

* 10. We appreciate your input and comments.  Please share with us any other comments or suggestions to improve the quality of service of the Penhold Multiplex