Parent Technology Survey

Four County Career Center is investigating the idea of Bring Your Own Device for students. This means allowing students to bring in their own laptops or tablets to use for school related activities. School related activities could include taking notes, doing research, creating projects, communicating with students and teachers, taking pictures, and such.

K-12 schools around the country are investigating and implementing BYOD as a way to help get new technology into the classrooms. Students are liking such programs because they get to use more modern technology, and technology that they are familiar with since it is their own.

There is no guarantee that FCCC may be able to roll out a Bring Your Own Device program, but this survey will be very helpful as we investigate this possibility. We are asking that any current or future FCCC parent complete the survey below to tell us your opinions on this topic. Please complete the survey only one time.

* 1. Colleges, across the country, have allowed students to bring their own technology to the classroom. As 11th and 12th graders, would you allow your student to bring their own device to school for educational purposes?

* 2. If you choose "No" in the above question, would you indicate your reason(s)?

* 3. One of the advantages of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is that students feel much more comfortable on their own devices - how would you rank the comfort level of your student with their personal devices?

* 4. My student has their own laptop?

* 5. My student has their own Tablet Device (iPad, Android, Surface, etc.)?

* 6. If you answered yes to the above question, which device does the student have access too? For example an Apple iPad or Microsoft Surface...

* 7. My student has access to the Internet at home?

* 8. Please rate your comfort level with technology...

  Low Medium High